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January 4, 2008 at 6:17 pm Leave a comment

I meant to update much sooner than this.  We had such a busy time with the holidays and work.  The kids had a great Christmas so it was all worth it.

 Let’s see…surgery news.  I had my pre-surgical testing on Dec. 17th.  I got to the hospital at 7 am and I was there until noon.  I had an EKG, stress test, chest xray, pulmonary function test, and met with the nutritionist and psychiatrist.  As far as I know at this point, it all went well.  I see Dr. M. again on Jan 9th and we’ll go over the official results of the testing.  I also had a gallbladder ultrasound, which apparently was negative, because I had to go back on the 28th for a test called the HIDA scan to check my gallbladder function.  I have no idea how that went yet.

So, after the 9th, they will submit to insurance and as soon as the approval comes through, we’ll schedule the surgery.  It will probably be sometime in February.  I’m really excited–I can’t wait to get this done!  I’m still a little nervous about insurance.  I’ve talked to them, the dr’s office talked to them, the hospital verified that it is covered if you meet their criteria.  I also checked the coverage book for Eric’s company and they give the same info (they have refuse some other things I needed, so I was worried it might end up being something that the company themselves refused to cover).   I guess I’m just afraid that I won’t meet their “documented attempts at traditional weight loss methods” because I’ve never tried medications.  However, the medications (both prescription and over the counter) scare the heck out of me and with my blood pressure issues and normally high heart rate, I’ve never been willing to try those things.  I’ve also read that some companies require a 6 month-1 year long doctor supervised diet.  I mean, in the big scheme of things, 6 mths or a year aren’t that long, but I want it soon.  I’m scared to think about how much more my health could deteriorate in that time.  I’ve never before had the kind of problems I’ve had this past year or so.  I’m praying that all will go well and without issue.  I know others have been approved on my same insurance (pretty quickly at that!).  They have 30 days to make a decision.

I’ll update more after I see Dr. M. on the 9th.


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Update! Met w/the surgeon! APPROVED!!!!!!!!

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