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February 15, 2008 at 12:58 pm Leave a comment

Not much is going on here right now.  I am just counting down the days until surgery.  Less than 2 weeks now.  I had my repeat HIDA scan on Wednesday.  I’ll see Dr. M. to go over the results on 2/20.  I am so glad I see him again before surgery because I suddenly have tons of questions for him.  I’m worried about eating the wrong foods, or not eating the right foods. 

Hailey’s ear tube surgery was delayed.  She had been sick and had a pretty nasty cough so we reschedule.  She’ll have surgery 5 days after me, on 3/4.  That works out well because Eric and I can both be there for her.  This week if she’d had it, Eric was going to take her and his grandmother was going to go along to help out.  Hailey adores her Gigi, but I really would like to be there with her.  After my experience in October, the idea of any of us going under makes me so nervous.  I’m praying that she doesn’t get any ear infections between now and her surgery, and that she doesn’t get sick again.  Poor kiddo–she was hardly ever sick for the first 3 years of her life and in the last 2 years, she has been sick so much and had ear infections constantly.  She was breastfed until 3 1/2, which I think contributed to her health, and she started preschool at age 3, which was her first exposure to all the yuckies out there.  She’s tough, though.  Her birthday was last Saturday and she and I watched her birth video.  It was amazing to think that the big girl sitting on my lap asking questions and giving me kisses was that same 4 pound preemie from five years ago.  :*)


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