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July 11, 2008 at 11:53 am 1 comment

I went in for my adjustment this morning.  It is crazy–I sit in the registration waiting room of the hospital much longer than it takes me to get my adjustment done.  Today I was there over half an hour (which was much shorter than it usually is) and the fill took maybe 5 minutes.  LOL

All of my fills are done under fluoroscope.  I got on the table and Dr. M. numbed me then put in that huge Huber needle.  Then they move the table from laying flat to standing upright.  I got to drink the barium crap (yum) and he pulled the screen over so I could watch.  My band wasn’t really wide open, but I was definitely lacking restriction.  As he started to add the saline, he noticed that the connection between the syringe and needle was dripping, so he couldn’t be sure how much I got.  He had 3 cc in the syringe and guessed I actually got about 1 cc.  He saw the barium slow and said the restriction is good so he wasn’t worried about exact numbers.  Next time I get adjusted he said to remind him to pull all the fluid out to check the amount before he adds more to it.

This adjustment has been similar to the first one.  I can FEEL the restriction even when I’m not drinking or eating anything.  It isn’t quite as bad as the first one when it hurt to drink the first day.  I have to have liquids only today, then mushies tomorrow and regular food on Sunday.  I’ve been kind of plateaued all week so hopefully this breaks it.  I’m not sure if I have a scale issue or a true plateau though.  On Tuesday, I think, the scale plummeted to 268 when I first stepped on it and I thought, no way.  So I stepped on it again and it jumped to 274.  I was on it like 5 times and got weights between 268 and 274 with it never landing on the same one twice.  Wednesday, Thursday and today were the exact same weight–273.2.  This morning, I stepped on it 3 times–273.2, then 271.8, then back to 273.2.  What the hell?  LOL  I didn’t move it, these are all within seconds, etc.  Weird.  So I told Eric to change the batteries and I’ll see what happens.  I think it just likes to mess with my head.  It better watch out because that’s why I banished the last scale to the trash.  😉


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Doctor visit today Just wanted to say…

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  • 1. Jessica  |  July 12, 2008 at 7:36 am

    Scales suck. 🙂


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