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I am beyond frustrated right now.  The first two times I had an adjustment I lost 5 lbs in the week immediately after, thanks in part to the day of liquids and day of mushies right after, then just because my intake was lowered.  This time, I thought I’d do the same.  I went into my fill on Friday, July 11 at 272 or 273 and by Monday, July 13, I was at 269.  Then, Wed-Sun of last week, I went slowly back UP stopping at 273 again.  I also noticed that my wedding rings, which had been getting quite loose, were tight again.  I also thought that my feet looked puffy.  So I think that I was retaining a lot of water.  All last weekend, I ate what I wanted and didn’t really think about it.  It was Christian’s and my mom’s birthdays and we went out then barbequed.  Monday, I decided to guzzle a ton of water.  On Monday, I drank SEVEN half liter bottles of water.  Tuesday I drank 5 I think.  Yesterday, 5 again.  Today I’m aiming for 6.  Yesterday and today I was at 269 again.

ARGH!!!  I’m eating right, I’m exercising too, I’m guzzling water.  What.the.fuck?!  I’ve changed my food choices, upped my protein.  Yesterday I walked 1.5 miles around my office (that’s 115 laps around–I need to post a picture LOL).  Tuesday I slacked and didn’t walk.  Monday I only walked 20 minutes, probably about a mile, maybe not quite.  I’m even paying more attention to my carb/fat intake.  I don’t snack between meals like I did before my adjustment.  I do have a snack at night though, usually something low cal with good protein, like cheese or lunch meat.  I’ve also been watching my sodium intake because I know that was killing me before.  Maybe I’m getting ready to start my period.  I didn’t have one in May, then last month started around the 23rd I think.  I have no idea, my cycles are very unpredictable.

I have to admit though, I’m not surprised I am plateauing at this weight.  I have repeatedly read that the body likes to stop at places that are familiar.  I was about 270 from about 6 months after Christian was born until after Hailey was born, so about a year.  I didn’t gain any weight during my pregnancy with her, but the summer after I had her, I jumped up about 30 lbs and entered the 300s.  This is a very familiar weight.  Once I break this plateau, I’ll probably drop to 240 pretty easily then sit there for a while.  That is even more familiar, as I was about 240 for probably 2-3 years pre-kids.  I used to jump about 30 lbs within a couple of months for no reason with no diet changes or anything to cause it.  Weird. 

Monday is my 5 month mark, and at this rate I’ll only be down 10 lbs this month.  I’ve lost at least 15 every month so far.  I know that the Lap Band is a marathon and not a sprint, and that is part of why I chose it.  When I plateau, though, I get so worried that this is it, I won’t lose another pound, I’m destined to be fat forever.  😦

In good news though, I bought some capris on the clearance rack at Walmart by my mom’s house over the weekend.  They were size 24.  All of my other clothes, save one pair of jeans and 2 pairs of shorts, are too big.  Well, they were huge.  Even washing in super hot water didn’t help.  Last night Hailey and I ran to the Walmart by our house and I looked there and they just happened to have a 22.  Now these just happen to be the same capris that I tried on a month or so ago and they went on but were way too tight.  Well, I bought them and they fit PERFECTLY!!  I also bought two new shirts, size 2x.  The 1x fit, but the ones I had in that brand/style before shrunk a little after washing so I went with the 2x to be safe.  And yeah, it drew up some, so I’m glad I did.  On Lap Band Talk, someone took a picture of her pre-op shirt with her current shirt on top for comparison.  I think I might do that when I take my 5 month pics this week.  Maybe I’ll do one with my pants too.


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The work “track” 5 month bandiversary

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  • 1. Barbara  |  July 24, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Jaimie, be so proud of yourself that you have lost so much weight in such a little time. I’m sure you are just retaining water weight and it will all dissapate shortly. Do not get frustrated and keep a positive attitude. You can do this and I can’t wait until I get banded and can do the same. I still am waiting for approval from the insurance company.

  • 2. Tracy  |  July 24, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Jaime, I have been reading your blog religiously and I am so proud of you for doing such a great job! I was banded at the end of march and I am only down 43 pounds. I too am at a little plateau. I had never heard that about the plateau stopping at familiar places, That so explains a lot!! Good luck girl and just hang in there! I am rooting for ya, just be patient.


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