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August 12, 2008 at 2:34 pm 1 comment

I forgot to add a couple of other tidbits about my doctor appointment yesterday.  Prior to surgery, I had mildly high blood pressure, running about 140/90 or so usually.  Yesterday, it was 102/70.  My pulse rate was always really high before, usually around 95-105 beats per minute.  Yesterday, it ran around 70.  It is kind of weird that these things are so normal already because when I was previously at this weight, I had those problems.  I guess eating better and exercising help.  Or my body is just so freaking relieved to not be carrying around all that extra weight.

I also saw my new primary care doctor last week.  I’d intended to go back to my old one, who is Eric’s PCP, but he was out of town so we saw his new partner.  I really liked her, plus she was trained by Dr. M. when she got out of medical school!  She ordered a bunch of bloodwork, just to make sure everything looks ok.  Among other things, B12, iron, cholesterol, etc.  The office called yesterday and everything is normal!  I’ve never had high cholesterol in the past though.  The first time I saw Eric’s PCP, back in 2005, he told me, “I bet you have high cholesterol or diabetes or something.”  Idiot.  He called me himself when the results were in and told me that my cholesterol was perfect–he sounded so surprised.  And people wonder why I hate most doctors.  Hopefully things work out with Dr. B.  I’m tired of not having a primary and going to urgent care when I’m sick or whatever. 

I totally flaked out on exercising yesterday.  That was the first time since I started Spark People.  It was my last day of vacation, though.  I just wanted to relax.  I am going to walk today to make up for it, though.  I don’t usually do cardio on Tuesdays, but I’ll walk and do my strength training today. 

I have been starving lately, especially at night.  I’m not sure if I need another adjustment or if it is from exercising.  After I workout, I HAVE to eat.  I think part of it is stress.  No matter what I try to do to fight it, when I get stressed, I want to eat.  Blah.  We have some school crap going on with Christian (they have assigned him into a class that will NOT fit with his needs).  I called the school yesterday and I am waiting for someone to call me back.  It makes me anxious…I don’t want to be THAT mom–the bitch–but I will fight for what my child needs.  Damn them for making me want to eat ice cream and cookies and Snickers bars.  I haven’t eaten that stuff, it isn’t in the house, but damnit I want to!  LOL


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Wow…just wow… 90 pounds down…

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  • 1. Jessica  |  August 13, 2008 at 7:01 am

    I don’t know if you saw the study that was out yesterday about overweight people not having as much instance of high cholesterol, diabetes, and the like as previously thought… It has more to do with waist ratio than actually being overweight. For me, my tummy is the main place that gains weight, so when I’m overweight (like now), my cholesterol and sugars spike, and while they are not “high,” I become pre-diabetic and “at risk” in the cholesterol department.

    Anyhow, when I am being good about my diet, I get super high cocoa content expensive chocolate and eat like 3 pieces/day “as needed.” LOL I won’t eat it all in one sitting because it’s like $4/bar and they usually have all those nice grooves that break it up into 1 oz portions or smaller.

    Congratulations on getting your BP and HR down! My BP makes people think I’m dead it’s so low, but my HR is, um, way higher than yours is now. LOL Part of it is because of my super low BP (90/55), so my HR compensates, but part of it is that I hate cardio. LOL

    Keep up the awesome work, Jaime!


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