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September 29, 2008 at 11:46 pm 1 comment

Today was my 7 month bandiversary.  Pictures will be coming shortly.  I didn’t even take them today.  There is so much going on here that I got home from work and just wanted to collapse. 

So the short update on the last couple of weeks. 

Two days after Hurricane Ike hit Texas, it made its way to Missouri.  It was still a tropical depression when it reached the STL area.  On Sunday morning (the 14th), we got about 4-5″ of rain in about 2 hours.  I woke up to this in my backyard:

Within 2 hours it was gone, but there was quite a bit of damage.  Fortunately we rent and most of it is our landlord’s problem. The water did flip our propane tank on its side and we were without gas for a little over a day. 

I signed Hailey up for Girl Scouts and I volunteered to be a co-leader for her troop.  That has been time consuming, trying to help the leader get things together for the girls. Hailey is really excited about it.

School and work have been kind of hectic.  Last week I had tons of homework and now this week, I only have a couple.  I hate when it is like that.  I’m trying to get ahead this week so I won’t be as crazed in the next few weeks.

Eric has been having some serious health problems.  As you might recall from my earlier blog, he has had some cognitive issues and saw a neurologist.  He isn’t having seizures.  He is scheduled to see the neuropsychologist for testing on November 10th.  About a week or week and a half ago, he started having some bad headaches, mostly pressure in his forehead and behind his left eye.  Then he started having really bad episodes of vertigo.  His PCP couldn’t find a cause so she referred him to an ENT.  Last Wed-Fri, it was REALLY bad and I ended up taking him to the ER Friday afternoon. They did a CT scan and said everything looked fine.  Today he saw the ENT and an ophthalmologist.  The ENT ordered an MRI and the ophthalmologist ordered an additional test on the MRI.  The MRI is on Wednesday and he’ll see an endocrinologist Wed. too.  He has had what seem to be blood sugar problems for a while, seemingly unrelated to this problem but I guess we’ll see.  I’m so worried about him, I can’t think about much else lately. 

There isn’t much going on, band wise.  I see Dr. M again on October 8th.  I need an adjustment so badly, it can’t come soon enough.  I lost 4 lbs last week.  That was a nice change after only losing 5 lbs the first three weeks of the month.  This month I had a 9 lb loss total.  I’m trying to get used to the slower weight loss and just be happy about any loss instead of feeling disappointed about small losses.  Even at a rate of about 10 lbs a month, I’ll be at goal in about 8 months.

I’m working on a list of bandster resources to possibly give to Dr. M and/or to those at a seminar.  I’ll probably speak at another seminar in October.  At support group last week, a couple of people mentioned not knowing who to ask or where to go for information or to ask things that aren’t really questions the doctor can answer.  I was thinking about compiling some websites like LapBandTalk.com for people to reference before or after the surgery.  If anybody has any suggestions, let me know.


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  • 1. GF  |  September 30, 2008 at 10:51 am

    You have had soooooooo much on your plate! I’m sorry, but you seem to be handling it well… here’s hoping the additional testing/follow-up appointments for your husband will go well. Little losses add up, so don’t let it worry you! Continued BLESSINGS to you and yours…


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