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December 16, 2008 at 12:13 am Leave a comment

Sorry it has been a while since I updated.  Everything is going smoothly.  I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning so I’ll update more on baby things then.

To the topic at hand…

Recently I’ve received several PMs on LBT asking, “What’s your secret?”  Obviously I’ve done something magical to cause me to lose so much weight so quickly, right?  There must be some piece of advice that I can give to others that will save them time and effort, some little piece of the puzzle that their surgeon forgot to mention.  Well, here it is…

I have NO secret.  I haven’t done anything special.  I have simply changed my eating habits and worked my band.  If you’re looking for some piece of advice along the lines of “eat whatever you want, but just do _______” (insert some random crazy practice), it isn’t coming from me. 

Maybe I’m just hormonal, given my current state.  I’ve been reading a lot on LBT and it is just so irritating.  People want the band but they don’t want to make an effort.  Then when you are successful, you are treated like shit and you just don’t understand how haaaaard it is and you were never on a pre-op liquid diet starving your ass off, and you were never in Bandster Hell, and you’ve never needed a fill so bad, you couldn’t stand it.  Nobody says these things to me over there because I rarely ever post, but I see a quite a few posters at goal who are routinely raked over the coals because they don’t coddle the newbies and pat their backs and tell them it’s ok to cheat, it was just one time…or two times…or ten times…it’ll be ok.  Yes, you made a mistake, but you pick yourself back up and learn from it.  Don’t keep doing it over and over again and then wonder why other people are losing faster than you.

Ok well I should probably end this rant now because I could seriously go on and on forever.  Just remember–those who have lost over 100 lbs haven’t lost it with sheer luck–they’ve all worked really freaking hard to do it, myself included.  I don’t even consider myself a success since I have so far to go after the baby comes.  I look at some of the others on LBT and I’m in freaking awe of them because they look so amazing and have done so well.  I strive to be one of them and would hope that people would wake up and use those people as examples instead of trying to tear them down to make themselves feel better about their issues.


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Highest weight: 350 lbs
Surgery weight: 339 lbs
Current weight: 262 lbs
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